25 September, 2010

Our first week - Orientation week

The first week of our DTS has been a busy week. Our days have been a variaton of this:
  • Breakfast at 6.50 am
  • Quiet time at 7.20 am - spend alone time with God - reading the Bible, praying, journaling etc
  • Worship and devotion at 7.50 am 
  • Orientation at 9.00 am
  • Lunch at 12.30
  • Break at 1.00 pm - not really a break cause we are going to read the entire Bible during our DTS.
  • Dinner at 5.30 pm
  • Bible reading at 6.30 pm
  • "Get to know you" at 7.00 pm - Get to know some of the staff members and 6 of the students
  • Go to bed at 10.00 pm
On friday we had a bonding day in NYC. We spent the entire day going from one thing to another. Miracously Ane made time to do some shopping as well!

NYC Taxi
Ground Zero

NY by night

Ane and her two room mates
Fun fact: Did you know that all YWAM staff are supported from the outside and no one gets a sallery trough YWAM? Even the founder!


  1. wow! tenk at dåkk e i selveste new york. ser ut som et intensivt og bra opplegg! lykke te.

  2. Høres ut som det er nok å gjøre. Morsomt med oppdatering, håper ikke det blir en hel uke til neste gang:).