17 September, 2010

Caught by a tornado

Picture from Brooklyn taken by a New Yorker
Ok, we admit that the headline is a bit tabloid, but last night we got stuck on Manhattan for several hours due to a tornado. Luckily, the tornado did not pass Manhattan, but it passed both Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. We were supposed to take the train back to Long Island at around 19, but didn't get home until 00:30 due to damages on the railroad.

Ane with her brother and sister in law; Kristen and Jocelyn

Appart from that we had a great day in the city, where we met up with Jocelyn and Kristen. Today we're just relaxing at the base, since we have had two days in a row at Manhattan. We've just been out running, and now we're planning on going out eating. 

Ane posing in front of a Visit Norway poster
That's it for now. School is starting on sunday, so more updates will probably be posted in not to long.


  1. Kjekt å se noen bilder fra the big Apple. Gleder oss til å følge dere denne vinteren. Glad i dere. Klem fra oss i Andreashagen 13

  2. caught by a tomato? Thought it was the big apple...