23 November, 2010


Thanksgiving is getting close, and in just a few hours we are leaving for our thanksgiving break. We'll be spending the holiday with Ane's brother, Kristen, and his wife Jocelyn. For the first three days we'll be in New Jersey, staying with Jocelyn's aunt & uncle, while the last part of the holiday will probably be spent in Brooklyn.

We also had a thanksgiving celebration here at the base last wednesday. It was a great night, with lots of good food :)

At thanksgiving dinner

Still at thanksgiving dinner

07 November, 2010

Trip to arboretum

On tuesday we went to a really beautiful arboretum, only a 30 minute drive from the base. Being there was truly amazing, and reminded us once again of how great God is, and just how much effort He put into it when He created the world. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

01 November, 2010

Fall is here!

The fall has come to New York with all its beautiful colors. It is true what they say; "The Autumn in New York is gorgeous!"

We know it has been a while since we blogged, and we are sorry for that. It hasn't been something we have prioritized the last weeks. The DTS life is very busy so when we do have the time off we have prioritized just relaxing and processing and talking together about what God is doing in our life.

A small update on our last week:
Last week we had Lisa Whitaker coming from New Jersey to teach us about world views. We looked at different world views and what fruit that can come out of them. We also looked at different occupations that the Bible talks about just to see that God can really use you no matter what your occupation is. Inspiring. On Friday we helped out with Lighthouse Missions with giving out food to people who really can’t afford food, to homeless people etc. It was great to be able to help out the community in Riverhead. We also helped out at the Lighthouse Mission base with cleaning the place. Great to be able to bless other people who are blessing others again.

On Friday evening we went Brooklyn to spend the weekend at Ane’s brother and his wife’s place. We had a great weekend that was different from the other weekends we have had so far. Great to get out of Smithtown, to sit down and enjoy a long breakfast, to spend some quality time together with another couple - with family.

Next week we are going to Orlando, to the YWAM 50th anniversary. We are excited to see more of the States, to meet other DTS’s and other YWAMers, to sleep in a hotel, to have a different week!

02 October, 2010

Practical info

A letter from Nick Savoca, the director of Youth With A Mission Metro New York:

To the Friends and Family of Ane Folde and Magnus Glendrange

We are excited to welcome Ane and Magnus to our Discipleship Training School (DTS) this fall here at Youth With A Mission Metro New York.

Our DTS will begin September 19th, 2010 and run through February 26, 2011. The school is broken up into two phases: a lecture phase that will take place at our facility in Smithtown on Long Island, and an outreach phase. The outreach will be in Mexico City. We offer all the same elements in our lecture and outreach phase as YWAM's standard DTS program.

Our number one desire is that Ane and Magnus would receive valuable training enabling them to develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord, and equip them to step out into the purposes of God for their lives. During lecture phase Ane and Magnus will receive weekly teachings from YWAM  teachers and missionaries fresh off the mission field providing insight into areas like the nature and character of God, personal identity in Christ, studying the Word, spiritual warfare, modern day evangelism, etc. Discipleship will also be accomplished through small groups, one-on-one mentoring, quiet times, worship, intercession, journaling, and book reports. Each week during the lecture phase we will also participate in outreach opportunities such as Prayer Stations and assisting other ministries in the New York area.

It is Ane and Magnus's responsibility to raise their tuition for the DTS. Their costs will be $6,580US for the lecture phase, including room, board, and tuition. The outreach fees will be $4,480US to cover food, housing and ground transportation. Airfare is additional.

I know it would be huge encouragement and blessing to Ane and Magnus if you could assist them in anyway towards this school.

Please pray for Ane and Magnus often as they embark on this adventure into missions. We know God has marvelous things ahead for them and we want to See all of His purposes fulfilled during this time.

Thank you for your interest in their life and God-given calling.

In His Service,

Nick Savoca
We are posting this letter here on the blog just to let you know a bit more about what we are doing. We appreciate all the prayers we can get and if you would like to support us financially, we would really appreciate that as well! Our bank account is: 9729 10 14600

If you want to send us letters, the address is:

DTS  Ane Folde/Magnus Glendrange
70 New York Avenue
NY 11787

    25 September, 2010

    Our first week - Orientation week

    The first week of our DTS has been a busy week. Our days have been a variaton of this:
    • Breakfast at 6.50 am
    • Quiet time at 7.20 am - spend alone time with God - reading the Bible, praying, journaling etc
    • Worship and devotion at 7.50 am 
    • Orientation at 9.00 am
    • Lunch at 12.30
    • Break at 1.00 pm - not really a break cause we are going to read the entire Bible during our DTS.
    • Dinner at 5.30 pm
    • Bible reading at 6.30 pm
    • "Get to know you" at 7.00 pm - Get to know some of the staff members and 6 of the students
    • Go to bed at 10.00 pm
    On friday we had a bonding day in NYC. We spent the entire day going from one thing to another. Miracously Ane made time to do some shopping as well!

    NYC Taxi
    Ground Zero

    NY by night

    Ane and her two room mates
    Fun fact: Did you know that all YWAM staff are supported from the outside and no one gets a sallery trough YWAM? Even the founder!

    17 September, 2010

    Caught by a tornado

    Picture from Brooklyn taken by a New Yorker
    Ok, we admit that the headline is a bit tabloid, but last night we got stuck on Manhattan for several hours due to a tornado. Luckily, the tornado did not pass Manhattan, but it passed both Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. We were supposed to take the train back to Long Island at around 19, but didn't get home until 00:30 due to damages on the railroad.

    Ane with her brother and sister in law; Kristen and Jocelyn

    Appart from that we had a great day in the city, where we met up with Jocelyn and Kristen. Today we're just relaxing at the base, since we have had two days in a row at Manhattan. We've just been out running, and now we're planning on going out eating. 

    Ane posing in front of a Visit Norway poster
    That's it for now. School is starting on sunday, so more updates will probably be posted in not to long.