01 November, 2010

Fall is here!

The fall has come to New York with all its beautiful colors. It is true what they say; "The Autumn in New York is gorgeous!"

We know it has been a while since we blogged, and we are sorry for that. It hasn't been something we have prioritized the last weeks. The DTS life is very busy so when we do have the time off we have prioritized just relaxing and processing and talking together about what God is doing in our life.

A small update on our last week:
Last week we had Lisa Whitaker coming from New Jersey to teach us about world views. We looked at different world views and what fruit that can come out of them. We also looked at different occupations that the Bible talks about just to see that God can really use you no matter what your occupation is. Inspiring. On Friday we helped out with Lighthouse Missions with giving out food to people who really can’t afford food, to homeless people etc. It was great to be able to help out the community in Riverhead. We also helped out at the Lighthouse Mission base with cleaning the place. Great to be able to bless other people who are blessing others again.

On Friday evening we went Brooklyn to spend the weekend at Ane’s brother and his wife’s place. We had a great weekend that was different from the other weekends we have had so far. Great to get out of Smithtown, to sit down and enjoy a long breakfast, to spend some quality time together with another couple - with family.

Next week we are going to Orlando, to the YWAM 50th anniversary. We are excited to see more of the States, to meet other DTS’s and other YWAMers, to sleep in a hotel, to have a different week!

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  1. Kjekt med en oppdatering. Forstår dere har det travelt. Skal bli kjekt å høre hva fremtiden bringer. God tur til Orlando. Blir dere borte 1 hel uke? Klem